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A later Magnum version of this engine added five extra ponies. Several different rear end gears were on offer, too, including factory lockers as high as 3. Tim Wellborn points out that, like the six pack for the , any Charger with a four-speed manual transmission is going to command a premium.

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It also included wrap-around stripes on the rear fenders and trunk deck, upgraded suspension, dual exhaust, and a standard three-speed automatic. The Dodge Charger is almost identical in appearance to its predecessor, but measures one inch longer thanks to a new front bumper and again, taillights were revised.

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It loses the tail stripe, but gains faux air intakes set into the doors just behind the front fenders. Unlike today, even the standard paint palette for the Charger ranged far and wide, with almost every shade imaginable available at ordering time.

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Any time you see a white interior on any of these cars, it adds an extra 15—20 percent. People love the white interiors. Upholstery on the roof was popular as well, with a full three-quarters of Chargers coming with vinyl tops. Over the lifespan of the model, available roof shades included tan, black, green, and white.

First, the good.

vinyl top removal

Mechanically, the Charger is very reliable. I had some trouble locating a NOS canister when I needed to replace mine, but parts availability is much better now than it was when I had to do the repair. Wellborn agrees. That helps mitigate some of the bad news, which is the typical B-body rust that plagues almost every Dodge Charger at some stage in its life. Rubber mats also trapped moisture in the trunk. The only real exception to this rule would be finding a rough-condition Hemi or a six-pack car in a barn and paying a very reasonable price for it—you might be able to recoup your restoration costs in that case.

Surprisingly, despite being a self-described purist, Wellborn feels that there are more important things to focus on when shopping for a Charger. Now, if it has the correct date-range block in it, the color and the options really come in to play here. This can be done by driving through the nearby neighborhoods or by browsing house pictures online.

Many shingle brands have online tools and apps that allow you to choose a home similar to yours from a large collection of images. You can then try different shingles and colors on the home.

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Many allow you to select a siding type and color too. Owens Corning Design EyeQ : Select roof, siding, accessories such as trim and railings to see how colors work together. The Roofviewer is also available as an app. CertainTeed has prepared a suite of design tools including ColorView , which is most like the tools listed above. TrimIt is all about trim.

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CurbAppeal is a visualizer app to take with you. Menards Design-It Roofing and Siding visualizer : Upload a picture of your home or choose from the gallery. Then change its appearance to coordinate roofing with siding and other exterior components. You can save your project too. Just like flooring, upholstery and other interior materials, individual shingle samples and sample boards are available from some building centers.

Many roofing contractors have them too. The samples allow you to see what the shingle looks like next to your siding, gutters, shutters and house trim. If you get stuck in your deliberations, then dark neutrals — browns and grays mostly — work on a broad range of home styles and colors.

These Owens Corning Oakridge shingles are a good example of a dark neutral palette — except perhaps for Chateau Green and the few light grays. I, too, am having a very difficult time choosing a roof color. My ranch home is a cream color with dark brown shutters, I am not a fan of brown and would change the shutters, but the concrete base of the house and steps are all that color as well as is the trim of a 3-season room on the back.

I like the Weather Wood, but I was told it has a grey look to it and do not think that would go well.

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My second thought was Shakerwood. I would love a neutral tan with no orange in it. Any advice??? Based on the ultimate objective of achieving the right contrast, it seems that Hickory would be a much better choice vs. Another point to keep in mind is the pitch of the roof and visibility of the roof from the street. If the roof pitch is too shallow, having a bland color on the roof will make the roof difficult to distinguish from the cream color house.

We have a cedar shake ranch with a hip roof. We are having trouble deciding between timberline hickory and Barkwood. I thought that the Hickory would stand out better but my husband thinks the Barkwood is safer.

How To Repair Rust On A Car Without Welding With Fiberglass/Box Chevy Caprice Vinyl Top Rust Repair

Going with the Timberline Hickory may be a sound choice, since achieving the contrast between the roof and the house is so critical to having a balanced-looking home where the roof is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the house. With ranch style homes, the roof pitch is usually pretty shallow, meaning that the roof is not highly visible from the curb to begin with, which is where having a color that stands out could be beneficial to achieving a look where the roof is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the house.

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The key to a nice looking home exterior is for roof shingles to contrast with the shutters and exterior walls of the house. The shingles normally have to be darker to achieve a well balanced look. I have a multicolored brick I think called Madrid with brown trim and a few redwood shakes. I am leaning toward the Hickory.

I love the patriot red, but it may be too much red with the brick. Lastly, I am trying to visualize the shakewood, but I am concerned everything will look too busy with the 3 or so colors of brick and all the colors in the shingle. Hi Sharon, color combinations are always a matter of taste, however having some contrast between the roof and the exterior of the house is almost always desirable, with the roof color ideally being darker than the exterior walls of the house.

For that reason we view Hickory Timberline HD, the color you mentioned you happen to like, as a viable choice.

follow site We like Hickory color because it does offer some contrast Hickory shingle is darker than the brick walls of the house between the roof and the Madrid brick house exterior with brown trim. We view the multiple shades and colors in the shingle as a strong positive, because of the 3-dimensionality and fullness it gives to the shingle, which helps create more contrast between the exterior brick walls of the house and the roof. Let us know what you decide and we hope this is helpful!

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. All colors have to work together to achieve a whole that is visually coordinated and appealing. The table below shows roof colors that integrate best with siding colors. CertainTeed Landmark Hunter Green. Landmark Heather Blend.