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Instead, they search the databases of multiple sets of individual search engines simultaneously, from a single site and using the same interface. Metasearchers provide a quick way of finding out which engines are retrieving the best results for you in your search. One of my favorite Metasearch engines is Dogpile. Dogpile was launched in but it is currently operated by InfoSpace. First you type in your keyword such as Portland Trailblazers and then the results of your search will be listed by relevance.

Search Engine Tips: Google, Ask Jeeves, Dogpile, Metacrawler, Altavista - Feature

The results display a short description of the site and which search engine database retrieved the listing. Students might not be aware that these are sponsored links since they are NOT very well marked and interspersed throughout the search results. Not exactly the type of listing that should be at the top of a search about a basketball team!!! Like the other leading search engines, Dogpile primarily makes money from sponsored links and advertisements but the fact that they include Sponsored Links throughout the search is fairly new and may deter me from recommending the site in the future.

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The jury is still out on that one. It is now being managed and updated by Melanie Hanes-Ramos. I use the lessons on Bare Bones to introduce the concept of search engines to my students. The lessons do a great job of explaining what is a search engine, how to search engines work, what is the difference between a keyword and Meta search engines, how do subject directories work, who maintains library databases and subject-specific databases and explains search strategies.

Monster Crawler is a multi-search engine that pulls results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing all in one click.

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This tool uses InfoSpace metasearch technology to return a comprehensive list of results gathered from three search engines. The Advantage?

or "The Growth of Local Search for Small Businesses."

If you are a consumer, Monster Crawler makes your search process more all-inclusive and faster; it also brings up more commercial listings for more commercial-based keywords, and organic listings for general search terms. In this sense, it caters results to what you are looking for. The Drawback? Also, the organic vs.

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Another multi-search engine using metasearch technology, Dogpile pulls results from four databases: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. Dogpile includes more data in results since it draws from four search engines, without sacrificing relevancy. We all love Google and probably will also go there first, but my students are finding some nice feature to other search engines. They are worth checking out so I will highlight the features of one type of search engine in each post.

A Quick, How-To Guide for getting listed on Local Search engines for Free

Individual Search engines compile their own database of web pages. Ask debuted in and was purchased by Ask Jeeves later that year.

Although it supports only limited Boolean searching, it has recently added an advanced search page with improved searching features. Ask also offers a new approach to displaying search results by putting them into what it calls Web communities: Results relevant web pages , Refine suggestions to narrow your search , and Resources links to collections of experts and enthusiasts.

On the main search of Ask , you can search for web, images, city, news, blogs, video, maps, shopping. You can also choose your own skin. My students loved this feature. Overall, my students really liked Ask.

They loved the preview with the binoculars and skins. I like that it give you ideas on how to broaden or narrow your search. Here is the link to all of the features of Ask.