Missouri vehicle inspection check list

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In cab inspection for the Missouri CDL test

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What Should I Know About Car Safety Inspections in Missouri?

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Missouri Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist

How to Save a Tire. When shopping for tires, you can save them to "My Tires" by clicking on the bookmark. Missouri State Vehicle Inspection It can be hard finding time for your state vehicle inspection. Stores That Offer State Inspections.

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What else should I know about vehicle inspections in Missouri? How often should I have my vehicle inspected in Missouri? Looking for new tires? We can help.

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    Enter New Location. Apply the emergency operating control fully or release air pressure from the spring brake actuators using the manual control valve. Observe locking and holding feature of the actuating mechanism. Observe operating mechanisms for bottoming before brakes are fully applied. Observe if spring brakes apply when control valve is manually operated. Inspect for worn, missing or defective cotter pins, springs, rods, yokes, couplings or anchor pins and cables.

    Who Has to Do Safety Inspections?

    Observe if mechanism releases brakes when release control is operated. Every motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, shall be equipped with one 1 of the following types of headlighting systems which shall exhibit light substantially white in color See Figure 1. Beam Indicator. Every motor vehicle equipped with multiple beam headlights shall be equipped with a beam indicator which shall be lighted only when the high beam is in use. All motor vehicles, except motorcycles, shall be equipped with at least two 2 taillights, mounted on the rear of the vehicle at the same level with at least one 1 on each side, not less than fifteen inches 15" or more than seventy-two inches 72" above the ground.

    These lights shall exhibit a plainly visible red light. Every and later model vehicle, except a motorcycle, must be equipped with two 2 red reflectors. A reflector may be in combination with the taillight and must be mounted on the rear, one 1 on each side, at a height not to exceed sixty inches 60" nor less than fifteen inches 15" above the surface upon which the vehicle stands.

    Inspect Vehicles for Proper Lighting Equipment. Do not inspect side marker lights, parking lights, four 4 -way flashers, backup lights, interior lights, license plate light or clearance lights. Turn signals installed by the manufacturer or their equivalent in number, size, and intensity shall be in operating condition. The front signal lights may be white or amber and may be in combination with the parking lights. The rear signal lights may be red or amber, except when in combination with a taillight the lens must be red.

    Full text of "Missouri Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Regulations Manual"

    Stoplights installed by the manufacturer or their equivalent in number, size, and intensity shall be in operating condition. Stoplights may be red or amber, except when in combination with the taillight the stoplight must be red. Stoplights must operate when the service brake is applied. The limit of fourteen feet 14' shall apply to both single and vehicle combinations. Inspect Vehicle for Proper Signaling Devices. The headlights must be on with the engine running, when inspecting the operation of the signaling devices and stoplights. Move turn signal lever up and down and observe function of turn signal lights.

    Steering Mechanisms 11 CSR An inspection for steering wheel play will consist of checking steering sector for looseness and binding condition. If vehicle is equipped with power steering, the engine must be running and the fluid level and belt tension must be adequate before testing. Turn steering wheel through a full right and left turn. If equipped, inspect energy absorbing steering column. To verify that any looseness detected is in the wheel bearings, notice the movement between the brake drum or disc and the backing plate or splash shield. Inspect front wheels, king pin spindle bolts and idler arm for play.

    On vehicles with power steering, the engine must be running. Eliminate all wheel bearing movement by first applying the service brake. Grasp front and rear of tire and attempt to turn assembly right and left.