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Gus Harrison Correctional Facility. Ionia Correctional Facility. Kinross Correctional Facility.

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  6. Indiana police capture escaped prisoner in nearby vacant home;
  7. Thumb Correctional Facility. West Shoreline Correctional Facility. Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility. Woodland Center Correctional Facility. I received a response from Rep LaGrands office. Thanks very much for your email. If we hear of any updates on the Good Time bill, I will pass them along! I take it so no news is good news.

    But would love to know if anything is happening.

    Sheriff's Office

    I live in the south, but My heart is in Michigan. I would like to know when the are is going to go through cause my husband has been in there for a very long time and I am so ready for him to come home. I too have a love one in prison and would love to have him back home. Can you please email me with an update if it has been passed yet. Thank you Raquel.

    I have not been able to confirm this news yet but if anyone has any information in relation to this, send me an email. I hope the State of Michigan pass the good Time Credits. My son is incarcerated with the Michigan Department of Corrections. He made a bad choice while he was under the influence of drugs, and when he was hit hard by several tragic occurred in his life. He was unable to cope with the situation at hand. The only way he new at the time, was to indulge in substance abuse.

    This lead him to commit a terrible crime. Now that he is unable to think clearly, he recognize that he made the wrong choice and should of called out for help. After hearing her story, I feel he was given such a strong sentence with the proof that was provided. I pray for her son , who has been a good and upstanding young man in the community to be able to get out early for his good behaviour, please pass this bill… Thank you.

    My husband is incarcerated to for a petty crime he was too harshly sentenced on. Our family suffers and struggles everyday as a result of his absence. If anyone knows anything about the good time bill results please post what you know!

    Michigan Inmate Search - Getinmate

    We want our loved ones home! His Good behavior has been happening for the last 5yrs not one ticket, or issue. I have a friend that has a good record and has served about 13 years. Where do we look to see if this bill has passed? Thanks for any assistance.

    Hi Mariah, you can find updates on the bills progress through the legislative process here. I have also called and emailed Mr. Kesto in regards to these bills and have yet to receive a response. Eventually he will stop procrastinating. I think instead of bashing the man who brought this bill into fruition, people should try harder. I have written to the Governor, Lt. Klint Kesto responded to my email, as they all have.

    Perhaps people could become a little better versed to actually receive a response.


    I am going to spend my energy on more positive sites and with positive people who want to help make change, not excuses and complaints. I have been calling Klint Kesto to see what the problem is no one has returned my calls yet. This is his number Do we kno if this passed thank you for his number we all need to call also why not plan a rally a good one.

    Michigan Correctional Institutions

    I pray that this goes through, because my son and so many others have been over sentenced and charged with the wrong crime. My son made a really bad mistake and he accepts his responsibility and feels sad and regrets that he didnt handle things differently, and he knows that he has to pay for that mistake but the punishment does not fit the crime or time!!!!.

    Hi, I too am praying this bill passes my son is in prison, an I feel he was handed a lengthy sentence. Sawari Mi Discover in order to connect, inspire and empower. Good time credit is a sentence reduction for prisoners who maintain good behavior during their incarceration, its the reasonable response for a system interested in rehabilitation over blind retribution.

    The possibility for prisoners to earn good time while serving their sentence is proven to improve the climate within institutions by giving prisoners an insensitive for good behavior. This reduces the number of violent incidents that occur within institutions and improves inmate-staff relations. Prisons become safer places for inmates and staff as a result of good time taking effect. Why keep prisoners serving sentences past their point of rehabilitation? The point of a prison is to separate dangerous individuals from society.