Hawaiian birth certificates in 1960s

Unveiled! Hawaii's 1961 long-form birth certificates

Most of the south west became part of America through an illegal and unprovoked war with Mexico. They were obtained through naked aggression and conquest. Best to return them to Mexico and retroactively cancel all the citizenship's of those resident there. Cancel all acts of presidents and all votes by congressmen and senators from those states. Perhaps while your at it cancel citizenship for all confederacy states while your at it. They didn't rejoin legitimately so McCain was born in Panama I haven't seen proof that his mother didn't give birth off base I've read it doesn't.

It is highly ridiculous, for an aspiring Republican Presidential candidate to purportedly assumes that the great United States of America will swear an oath of allegiance to the seat of the Presidency of this greater part of the world without scrutinizing the validity of the candidate. That says a whole lot about the arrogant personality of the presidential aspirant, as he is already failing and loosing ground in a battle for the White House with the incumbent President Barrack Hussein Obama, ever before the battle begins. The public publications of the birth certificate of the President of our great nation is a dirty blow on those who had shamefully claimed they had sent "delegates" to Hawaii to research the root of the birth of the president.

I am sure the evil minds of the human race will soon come up with something else against the President, something like "is Michelle Obama really a black woman".

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A Great Conspiracy never dies and sometimes doesn't fade away either. The emotions behind the Birther Conspiracy Great Cover-Up are just as powerful today as yesterday and are not going to be distracted by another Government Document with a Seal on it! There are more important things to consider than a piece of Government Paper! In the interests of technical accuracy, the difference between a so-called short and long form isn't just the amount of information.

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An Hawaii certificate of live birth is a computer generated form with a state seal. A real birth certificate is a copy of the original document with the signature of the attending physician. Every state has different procedures and the legal status of computer generated forms varies. If Obama would have released a photocopy of the real birth certificate three years ago, this issue would never have grown. I think it was released today because of Trump.

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  • Now that is no longer the case. People are loosing confidence in him in all polls, and doubters are increasing.

    Obama knows he can no longer expect people to believe him merely on his words. He has to release it before the doubt grows beyond repair. It is high time Obama realize he is subjected to the same standard as other candidates. It is high time Obama knows he is not someone special that while all others must, he can merely waive his hands and get a pass. In a nut shell, America no longer takes him at his word and he knows it now.

    He cannot say he is the most transparent by words, and least transparent by did. How is the race of the child determined? I do not know for a fact how it would have been done in the early sixties, but it is likely the child of a bi-racial union would still have been considered non-white.

    I think it would be an interesting thing to research more thoroughly. I simply suspect that it may still have been done that way in the early 60,s. Thanks for the reply. Drop a comment if you do find out. Thank you so much. Fine work on your part :. Calling All Mongrels!! The father may have never appeared at the hospital, in which case, they would have only known if the mother had told them.

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    Especially since black babies often look white when born, as it can take some time for the melanin to express itself. This batch is from the […].

    From Conception...To Election

    Race checkbox Jarieber said this on November 22, at pm Reply. Im arguing with someone that is an authority on this- he says the Cold Case Posse is mistakenly using the codes devised in , not …these two manuals contain some differences, so if the 61 is used , then problem vanishes, supposedly. Can you help clear this up? Did you look at the post images?

    Obama produces Hawaiian birth certificate

    Just click on them to enlarge them and you will be able to read the contents. Remember that. At the time of Barack Sr. But my tilt is that it would have been the correct or common terminology at the time. He do we resolve the information in cells 11 and 12, which match Obama Sr and appear to have correct vital stats codes, this the theory that the 9 code problems in cells 9 and 12b point to fraud. Assume that Obama Sr was not present at the birth, which I think is widely held to be correct. The father is 25, and from Kenya, but is he negro, causcasian, mixed, arabic?

    I am a political opponent of our President, but I am loyal to the truth and not reaching into speculation beyond evidence. The document is generated by computer, based on original birth records on file with the state, Fukino said. Last week, Republican Arizona Gov.

    President Obama’s birth certificate delivers news to doctor’s family

    Jan Brewer vetoed a bill that would have required presidential candidates to prove their U. But the birther conspiracy theory refuses to go away. Only one-third of Republicans said they believe the president is native born. The same poll a year ago found that a plurality of Republicans believed the president was born in the U. The Aug. It says, "Mr.

    'Obama Was Born in the U.S.A.'

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