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October 26, Green has arrests in Orange, Marion, Polk and Volusia counties. July 24, Watson, Amanda - Dealing in stolen property. Deland Police Department has obtained a warrant for the arrest of Amanda Watson for dealing in stolen property. The warrant was issued by the Hon.

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Charges: Dealing in stolen property. July 20, Williams, Lorenzo - Violation of Probation Absconder. Williams has an active warrant for violation of probation. If in contact, please notify Deland Patrol Supervisor at that time. Charges: Violation of Probation Absconder.

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June 29, Daly, Patrick Steven - Possession of Cocaine. Subject has warrant for his arrest for possession of cocaine. Signed by Judge Nichols.

Bay County Arrest Report: May 12222

No bond. Charges: Possession of Cocaine. June 28, The suspect lingered in the store and waited for staff to be alone. The suspect then removed a black in color pistol from his pants and demanded property. Incident Type: Robbery.

August 29, The subject, who was armed with a weapon, made contact with the female resident. The female was able to escape and contacted police. The male was last seen Incident Type: Burglary. November 3, Car Burglary. On October 29, between midnight and hours two vehicles were burglarized at Laurel Villa circle.

The subjects pictured above were captured by security surveillance at in the area at hours.

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The subjects are believed to be connected to the vehicle burglaries. If anyone has any Incident Type: Burglary from Motor Vehicle. October 30, Car Burglaries - Cross Creek. During the early morning hours of Oct. Video surveillance captured a vehicle driving through the area with multiple subjects seen checking for unlocked vehicles. Car Burglaries - Glenwood Springs. August 2, The vehicles were parked in the DeLand Police Department auxiliary lot across from the main department building.

Case Status: Current.

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November 13, On October 14, the trailer was recovered in Sanford. The attached still images were taken from video at the location of the recovery. The vehicle involved with the theft of the trailer appears to be October 19, Their goal is to reach Cuba with supplies to aid the rebellion against Spanish rule of the island. The morning after her departure from Jacksonville, the ship sinks about 12 miles off Daytona. Survivors credit the beacon from the lighthouse at Mosquito Inlet for giving them the direction in which to row their small boats. Eight men die in the sinking, but Stephen Crane survives and writes his famous short story, "The Open Boat.

During the Spanish American War, a halyard is placed on the main balcony of the lighthouse to enable communication by signal flags with passing American warships and vessels on their way to Cuba. Also in , Bartola Pacetti, owner of the land purchased for the Mosquito Inlet Light Station, dies and is buried in the Pacetti cemetery near their hotel. In addition, this is also the year in which a "bird net" is first placed around the lighthouse lantern room to protect it from collisions by migrating birds.

After migration season, the net is removed until the next migration begins. A one-room school house is created in the little village of Ponce Park which has grown up around the light station. This is an official county school made possible by the large family of Principal Keeper Thomas O'Hagan. Prior to the O'Hagan family's arrival, an unofficial school was held at the home of Nathaniel Hasty.

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This lens is sent to a lighthouse at Sapelo Island, Georgia. It will eventually end up at Mosquito Ponce Inlet Lighthouse in to replace the 1st order fixed lens in the tower. Also in , the first official automobile racing event on the beach, a timed speed trial, is held in Ormond, just north of the beach at Daytona. A program of federal bird reservations is established to protect native bird populations that are being decimated in large measure so that their feathers could decorate ladies' hats. A bird reservation is established at Mosquito Inlet, and Bert Pacetti, a son of Bartola Pacetti, is eventually appointed as an official reservation inspector.

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In , the bird reservation program is continued. Major renovation work is begun at the lighthouse, the first since it was completed in A new well is dug to provide a more reliable water source. This windmill will never work properly and is torn down in Repairs are made to the entire light station, and a new frame boat house replaces an old thatched shed at the river landing. The thatched shed becomes a storage shed for buoys and comes to be called the buoy house. A real wharf is built at the river landing. Screen doors are added to the keepers' houses. A road from Port Orange to Ponce Park is completed.

A number of whales are driven ashore near the lighthouse. The largest is 40 feet long. On December 29, keeper John Lindquist records a temperature of eight degrees below zero at the top of the tower.

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The lighthouse beacon is upgraded when an incandescent oil vapor lamp replaces the five concentric wick kerosene lamp inside the 1st order lens. A cement walkway is installed over the path of the old tramway to the river shore. The Light-House Establishment is renamed the.

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The number of districts is expanded from 16 to On July 31, permission is granted by the USLHS to tear down the small frame office building remaining from the light station's original construction. The building is actually not removed until Major repairs are made to the light station and the tower is repointed. Wharf and dwellings are also repaired. The white picket fence is rebuilt and concrete fence posts are used to replace the original wooden ones. The Lighthouse Service is in the Department of Commerce. World War I. In the US formally declares war on Germany and enters the war.

Woodrow Wilson is president. A pump house is built and a gasoline powered pump is installed to bring up water from the well into a new water tower with a cypress wood tank. Health benefits are granted to Lighthouse Service employees. A road from Daytona to the light station is completed.

This road is paved with shells taken from area shell mounds left behind by the early Native American inhabitants. The lighthouse keepers' duties are expanded to include tending the buoys in Mosquito Inlet. Each keeper receives a pay raise to compensate them for the new duties. Keepers become eligible for health benefits.