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Google records your IP address and uses tracking cookies to create a digital profile of you, your keywords, the precise time of your queries, and the links that you choose, and then stores this information in a database which it uses to target you further. What this amounts to is a total erosion of your privacy, and a rise of censorship on the internet.

Three search sites that don't track like Google

Every time you make a query, you reveal a tremendous amount of personal information that is incredibly valuable to marketers, the government, and criminals, all of whom would love to use your private data for their own gain. Your privacy really matters, so here are 7 search engines that really respect your privacy:. Founded by a former chief security officer at LG Electronics, BitClave is built upon the Ethereum blockchain and leverages decentralized technology as a means of heightening user privacy.

BitClave gives users an experience comparable to a traditional search engine, but grants users heightened agency over the data they choose to share with advertisers while also providing business with a more finite advertising target.

DuckDuckGo's Search Engine NON TRACKING

BitClave eliminates ad middlemen by enabling smart contracts directly between users and online advertisers. BitClave incentivizes users by providing users with Consumer Activity Tokens CAT in return for making searches that are relevant to the advertiser, so users get something in return for being advertised to. The end-result with BitClave is a search engine that both respects your privacy and is heavily tailored directly toward you, providing you with a secure, private, and optimal user experience.

StartPage believes that you have a right to privacy, that your search data should never fall into the wrong hands, and that the only real solution to the internet privacy issue is to not store personal user data to begin with. DuckDuckGo is a go-to search engine for the privacy-conscious.

12 BEST Private Search Engines: Anonymous search - NO Tracking

DuckDuckGo has no way of knowing if multiple searches came from the same computer because it does not generate an identifier to identify any unique user or log user data. When you click on links from Google and Bing, even in private mode, the search terms are sent to the site you're visiting in the HTTP referrer header. When you visit that site, your computer automatically shares information, such as your IP address.

This information can be used to identify you. DuckDuckGo calls this "search leakage" and prevents it happening by default on its search results. Instead, when you click on a link on the site it redirects that request in such a way to prevent it sending your search terms to other sites.

Why You Should Care

The sites know that you visited them, but they don't know what search you entered beforehand, nor can they use personal information to identify you. DuckDuckGo additionally offers an encrypted version that automatically changes links from a number of major sites to point to the encrypted versions, including Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.

Another way to prevent search leakage is to use a proxy.

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DuckDuckGo operates a so-called Tor exit enclave, which means you can get end-to-end anonymous and encrypted searching. Ultimately, DuckDuckGo leaves the choice of protection to the user.

You can deviate from the default on its settings page by toggling the redirect, or in the address bar settings. Saving happens in real time, and there are organization and commenting features that make it easy to keep everyone in the loop.

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