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The bones were fixed in formalin buffer, decalcified with EDTA and processed for their inclusion in paraffin; cuts were oriented to eosin in order to perform the histological assessment. The histomorphometrically assessment of tibial metaphysis area and the length of trabecular bone were performed. Conclusion: These results, in addition to our previous research, confirms that there is a bone disorder in this experimental model of SS.

It is necessary to carry out immunostaining techniques of quality and activity of bone tissue, with the purpose of objectify the response in NOD mice with SS. Busamia 1 , C. Gobbi 1 , K. Rhys 1 , M. Mariani 2 , S. Fontana 2 , S. Marchegiani S 3 , M Belletti 3 , E. Only few data are found in the literature about bone diseases in SS. These animals were cared for under special conditions, free of specific pathogens.

We used Rx- dual-energy DXA with ionization chamber.

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Mice position: prone position, upper and lower limbs, and tail extended. A "bone map" of the bone area to study was performed and divided into into five sectors with "spinal lines": lower jaw LJ , lumbar spine LC , both tibial bones TB , right and left epiphysis RE and LE. BMD controls were: LJ 0. Results: The different bone regions within each group of mice and between both groups were compared. Conclusion: Tibial bone abnormalities were found in the NOD SS mice when compared with the controls, but not in the other skeletal sites studied.

Pathologic correlation is necessary to determine and the significance of these findings. Cardona-Carvajal 1,2 , K. Julio-Hoyos 1,2 , K. Carmona 2 , M. Rojas 2 , and G. Universidad de Antioquia. Facultad de Medicina.


Objective: To evaluate the immunogenicity of microparticles MPs from healthy controls HC and patients with systemic lupus erythematosus SLE , by the capacity to induce activation and proliferation of HC T-lymphocytes, suggesting a specific recognition, event that should explain the role of these cellular fragments in the pathogenesis of SLE. The observed effects are not dependent on the dose or MPs isolation source. Background: Rheumatoid Arthritis RA is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by synovitis, joint destruction and excessive bone loss.

Recent evidence suggests that Dickkopf-1 DKK-1 may have an active role in the regulation of bone biology.

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In addition, those patients with RA that carry genetic variants of DKK-1 have higher serum levels and greater bone damage. The objective of this study was to investigate the bone resorption marker DKK-1 and its polymorphisms in patients with early RA eRA and its association with rheumatic indexes and radiological score.

A bivariate analysis was performed to determine the variables associated to the presence of radiological, and a penalized regression model was performed to confirm these associations. This study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the Institution. Results: 63 patients with eRA were included, with a mean age of No association was found between DKK-1 levels and disease activity indexes or radiological damage scores. In a penalized regression model, patients homozygous for the rs polymorphism of DKK-1 have a lower risk of presenting radiological damage, OR: 0.

Conclusions: Serum levels of DKK-1 may have a preponderant role as a marker in bone or joint damage in more advanced stages than in eRA, however, the presence of polymorphisms of DKK-1, specifically of rs in eRA could modulate the presentation of radiological damage. Chila-Moreno 3,4 , L. De Avila 3 , W. Bautista-Molano 2,3 , J. Bello-Gualtero 1,2 , and C. Background: The presence of autoantibodies is one of the hallmarks of rheumatoid arthritis RA.

Anti-carbamylated protein anti-CarP antibodies are new autoantibodies present in RA and which are detected before the onset of RA and have been associated with disease severity; however, the precise target antigen of anti-CarP antibodies has not been elucidated. The objective of this study was to associate the anti-carbamylated protein and peptides antibodies with genetic and activity clinical indexes in patients with early RA eRA. The association was examined by Chi-square and Fisher tests and the comparison using kappa concordance coefficient.

Results: Fifty-one patients were evaluated.

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Twenty-eight patients Interestingly, anti-Carp-Fib2 antibodies resulted associated with the presence of positive RF Additionally, the anti-CarP-Fib2 antibodies were associated with joint space narrowing in the feet by the SVdH whereas The evaluation of antibodies against carbamylated peptides showed a substantial concordance with the anti-carbamylated protein. Trujillo 1 , A. Kerguelen 2 , S.

Amado 1,2 , D. Barreto-Prieto 1 , and L. Introduction: Systemic lupus erythematosus SLE is an autoimmune disease that is characterized by the production of autoantibodies directed against intracellular antigens; clinical variability makes it difficult to predict damage to specific organs caused by the disease; consequently, new treatments in order to mitigate the pathology of this disease are neccessary This is an important reason to improve the panel of biomarkers.

Although the cause of the disease is still unknown, however, the lack of removal of apoptotic cells has been postulated as a possible induction mechanism. It has also been shown that urine is a reliable source of biomarkers allowing an observation window of what may be happening to the patient.

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  4. Objective: The objective of this work was to determine if there are differences between the urine levels of molecules related to the removal of apoptotic cells and triggering of the inflammatory process, as well as of cytokines involved in the disease, in patients with SLE with or without lupus nephritis LN in comparison to healthy controls.

    The urine samples were collected and concentrated by ultrafiltration.

    The band detected for this patient suggests a posttranslational modification of this molecule. No histone H3 was detected in the age-sex matched healthy controls. Finally, when we evaluated the cytokines, an increase of IL-8 levels was observed in SLE patients with or without LN in comparison to the healthy controls. For IL-6, an increase was found between patients with SLE without LN in comparison to patients with LN, but no differences were found in the levels of the other cytokines.

    More patients must be recruited to confirm these findings. Coral Alvarado 2 , P. Groot de Restrepo 1 , and V. Background: Autoimmune diseases are syndromes characterized by an immune response against self-antigens. They are complex pathologies associated with a variety of genes, but these do not fully explain all disorders. Ikaros is a transcription factor involves in lymphopoiesis and its involvement in development of hematologic tumors is well known.

    Ikaros has a high level of alternative splicing, therefore at least 10 isoforms are known. Among these, isoforms arising from non-canonical splicing due to insertions and deletions and dominant negative isoforms, that lack 2 to 4 zinc fingers of their DNA binding domain, theoretically lose their function. Methods: Peripheral blood samples were obtained and RNA was extracted.

    A novel qRT-PCR design was carried out, where each interexonic region of Ikaros was amplified and non-canonical splicing was detected by melting dissociation curve analysis. REST 2. The hierarchical clustering analysis was performed using Cluster 3. Results: The expression pattern of all Ikaros interexons in the control group has similar proportions, reflecting mainly the presence of complete functional isoforms.

    Systemic lupus erythematosus patients have the least expression of functional isoforms present, proving the lack of Ikaros expression as a possible cause of the disease and not the imbalance of isoforms. Additionally, non-canonical splicing variants detected affect exons with DNA binding and dimerization domains.

    Patients and controls were clustered by the expression level of each interexonic region and the presence or absence of non-canonical splicing. Three groups could be distinguished: Rheumatoid arthritis like samples with the greater expression of Ikaros, control characterized by a homogeneous expression and systemic lupus erythematosus like samples with the least expression.

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    We also confirmed the alteration of Ikaros expression in systemic lupus erythematosus. The different patterns of expression in arthritis and lupus indicated that Ikaros could be considered a diagnosis biomarker. Teodoro 1 , A. Velosa 2 , Z. Queiroz 1 , L. Catanozi 2 , A. Bueno 1 , M. Vendramini 1 , S. M Fernezlian 3 , E.

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    Eher 3 , F. Lopes 4 , P. Sampaio-Barros 1 , and V. Capelozzi 3.